About the IDSSA

The McGill International Development Studies Students Association (ISSDA) comprises the over one thousand undergraduate international development studies students at McGill University.  All undergraduate students in the international development major, minor, honours, or joint honours program are automatically a member of the IDSSA.

The IDSSA is led by a team of 11 students dedicated to creating a close knit international development community at McGill.  Supported by student fees, the executive team regularly hosts social events, discussions and panels, and opportunities to network with students, professors, and development practitioners.

In addition to regularly hosting events, the IDSSA is also committed to providing resources for development students at McGill.  Through the IDSSA, international development students have the opportunity to hone their writing or design skills through work on Latitudes, the IDSSA journal, to benefit from group tutoring in program courses, to work with an upper year student in the case of first years, and to meet other like minded students through IDSSA events!

The IDSSA also makes an effort to provide other resources and information for IDS students, including information about specialized study abroad programs in development, development internship opportunities in Montreal, and on campus groups that focus on development issues!  All of this information can be found on the “resources” page on our website.  Feel free to contact us via email with any suggestions for additional information or resources you would like to see on the IDSSA website!

For more information about the IDSSA, to meet the executives, or if you’re just looking for a comfy couch on campus to study (or to nap…), stop by the IDSSA Office!  We’re located in the Leacock basement, across from the elevators and the AUS Lounge.  The office is open to all IDS students as a lounge and study space from 11am to 5pm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays!

For any questions, concerns, inquiries, or event suggestions, please email us at: idssamcgill@gmail.com


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